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Save Time and Money with Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door MaintenanceIt is recommended that you have yearly checkups with your doctor and twice-yearly checkups with your dentist. Cars are regularly maintained with oil changes and the checking of tire pressure. These are preventative ways that we stay healthy and safe. But what do you do for garage door maintenance?

Garage door maintenance is important for the life and continued service of your garage door. Some of the benefits of taking this precaution are:

  • Garage door maintenance will extend the life of your garage doors
  • Garage door maintenance will decrease long-term repair expenses
  • Garage door maintenance will increase the safety and reliability of garage doors

Time and again, we hear about “bad” experiences with people who regret not fixing something or checking on something until it was “too late.” At that point, the costs were higher and the fixable outcome was either going to take a long time, or the only other option was replacement.

When garage door maintenance is practiced, a professional will be able to check and make sure that rollers and bearings are lubricated, that the door is still properly aligned, and that the electric motors are functioning correctly. Cables and tracks will be checked for wear and damage, and hinges can be tightened if needed. With these checks and balances, you can rest assured that your garage doors will be working and running smoothly for many years to come.

For more information on our garage door maintenance program, call us today. We service the Charleston, SC area.

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