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Why Safety Is Always First with Residential Overhead Doors

Residential Overhead DoorsYou use your residential overhead doors numerous times every day. Most likely, your overhead doors are the largest moving part of your property. For this reason, proper maintenance of your residential overhead doors is imperative to the safety of your family.

You can easily take some safety steps and do basic maintenance yourself, by following these simple tips:

  • Do not let small children play with garage door remotes or control panels. It is a good idea to teach your children that these items are not toys to be played with and can endanger them.
  • Place remotes belonging to your residential overhead doors in high places or out of reach of hands belonging to small and curious children.
  • When it comes to residential overhead doors, discussing safety with your children is imperative. Talk to your kids about how to properly operate the door, and set a good example with your own usage.
  • Garage doors must have a safety feature that causes the door to retract when it closes on an object. You can test this mechanism monthly by placing a 2 x 4 board in the path of its closing and testing for it to retract or stop. If you do this test and it does not reverse after touching the board, contact Overhead Door Company of Charleston to schedule maintenance immediately. By law, your automatic, residential overhead doors have to have a mandatory, built-in feature that protects entrapment under an automatic closing door.
  • Your garage door has an emergency release feature. Read your owner’s manual to learn how to use it.
  • Do a visual check of your residential overhead doors every month. This is important for maintaining the life and safety of your overhead doors. While doing this check, you will want to do a visual check of the doors cables, springs, rollers and pulleys for any sign of wear. If you come across any points of concern, contact Overhead Door Company of Charleston, and we will send out one of our friendly service experts to further inspect or repair your residential overhead doors.
  • Do not attempt to repair worn or broken mechanisms yourself. Residential overhead doors have systems made up of high-tension cables that feature special tools for repair. Attempting to fix these features yourself can be very dangerous.
  • To avoid damage and prolong the life of your overhead doors, ensure that you untie any ropes or unlock any locking features before attempting to open your garage door. Forgetting to remove these items can cause undue damage to the mechanism of your doors.
  • In order to prevent accidents when a residential overhead door is closing, you can invest in an overhead door closer technology called photoelectric eye safety beams. This system is mounted a few inches off of the floor and sends an invisible beam across the floor. When the line to this beam is broken by an object in the path of the closing door, it causes the door to retract before coming into close proximity of the object in question. This is a great feature to have installed when homeowners have small children or pets.

The above tips can help you to keep your family safe, as well as prolong the life and use of your residential overhead doors. If you come across an item of concern, feel free to call us and one of our friendly experts will assist you with your concern and any questions you may have about your overhead door system.


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