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How Residential Garage Flood Vents Protect Your Home

Residential Garage Flood VentsResidential garage flood vents are particularly essential in areas where flooding is common. Water entering your home can be extremely dangerous and can also cause a considerable amount of damage. Residential garage flood vents protect your home by providing a quick exit for excessive amounts of water. If flooding becomes too extreme, this mechanism will not have the same benefits; however, it is very effective for mild to serious degrees of flooding.

Residential garage flood vents work by creating an opening in the lower part of your garage wall. If water starts to accumulate inside your garage, they will allow water to start draining. There is a sensor that recognizes the water level and will open the vent once the water reaches a certain height. Not only will this protect the items that you store in your garage, but it will also decrease the likelihood of water entering your actual home. Water can destroy many parts of your home and your possessions. It seeps into many materials instantly, so it’s important to safeguard your home from water in any way possible.

Preparing your house to properly handle flooding can greatly decrease the overall damage caused. Contact us right away if you are interested in learning more about this added protection for your home. We are happy to come out and take a look at your garage and share our expert recommendations. We will also explain how garage flood vents work and what we would need to do in order to install them for you.

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