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Help Protect Your Home from Floods with Garage Flood Vents

Garage Flood VentsIf your home was built in an area that is in threat of flooding, garage flood vents are one way to help protect your home and property. Flood vents were created to allow unblocked water flow in or out of the building’s foundation. This saves the home from structural damage that can be caused by flooding, especially quick-moving flash floods.

Instead of the water pushing on the foundation of your home, the water can flow unobstructed through flood vents. Flood vents are usually built into the home’s foundation, so the water doesn’t travel through the home and cause damage to the living area. Garage flood vents are important, as the garage can become an obstruction for the water to push against. Garage flood vents can either be installed on the actual garage door or the lower walls of the garage.

With garage flood vents installed, you home will be safer. Flood waters will not be able to rise up into the home; instead, they will simply pass through, instead of causing damage to the foundation or structural integrity of the home.

By having flood vents installed on your home and garage, you can also qualify for a reduced flood insurance rate through the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program). Talk to one of our professionals about how many flood vents need to be installed in your garage to ensure your home’s safety.

For more information on garage flood vents call us today.  We service the Charleston, SC area.

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