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Make Life Easier With Garage Openers

Garage OpenersIf you are still manually lifting your garage door in order to park or run errands, a garage opener should be on the top of your home update list. Whether there’s bad weather or you are just exhausted after a hard day of work, pushing a button to open the garage could be a welcome relief and added equity to your home.

C.G. Johnson created garage doors and the Overhead Door Corporation in 1921, and in 1926 he invented the electric garage door opener. Electric garage openers did not become popular until after WWII, but have obviously streamlined the market today. With Overhead Door Corporation leading the way, garage openers have become safer and more technologically advanced.

Garage doors are able to open with just the press of a button either in the garage or on a remote transmitter that can be kept in your car. Some cars even have programmable buttons built into them that can be programmed to connect to your garage door opener frequency.

Garage openers use rolling code technology, which keeps would-be burglars from accessing your garage opener frequency by trying to “record” the one you use. There are also no worries if you accidentally hit “open” while at the grocery store; garage openers use short frequency ranges, so you have to be near your home for the garage to actually open.

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