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Garage Door Parts 101: How Does My Garage Door Work?

Ready to be schooled in all things related to your garage door? Here are the essential garage door parts needed to help your door function properly.

Garage Door Parts in Summerville, South Carolina

  • Panels: Looking at your door, you may see distinct panels from the inside and out. The most basic of garage door parts, these are there to help the door open properly and make it easier for the door to roll up and down the track.
  • Hinges: A functional element of the door, hinges help the door to bend as it opens and keep the panels connected.
  • Sensors: A mandatory safety feature since 1992, these sensors are located on either side of your door. While one side shoots a thing laser beam out, the other side receives it, and together they detect anything blocking the path of the door closing. If there is something in the way, your door will not close.
  • Tracks: Just like a train that needs tracks to follow and get to its destination, your garage door functions the same way. Located on both sides of the door, if the tracks are bent or blocked by debris, your door will not function properly.
  • Springs: One of the most essential garage door parts, your torsion spring is what helps supply enough power to lift the door.
  • Weatherstripping: Acting as a seal for the door, weatherstripping helps keep the elements and unwanted pests out of your garage. Weatherstripping also acts as a bumper when the door closes, and may become brittle over time.

When you are ready to learn more about the essential parts that make up your garage door and how they work, call our professionals at Overhead Door Company! We’d be happy to help you ensure optimal performance of your garage door.

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