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Why Do I Need a Garage Door Opener?

Garage Door OpenersYou come home from work, the grocery store, or a downtown culinary arts festival.  You pull into your garage and park your car.  Your garage welcomes you home as wide arms inviting you to come inside.  For many of us, our garage is the main entrance to our homes.  We want to keep our homes, and our garages, safe and secure.  With an automatic garage door opener, you can provide that safety for your home. At Overhead Door Company of Charleston, we take the safety of our clients and their homes to heart.

In addition to the security of having an automatic garage door opener, most garage door openers include security lights that activate when you open your garage door, and these lights stay on long enough that you can safety get out of your car and into your home.  Most even have a button that you can use to turn on the light without activating the door to give you light at the touch of a button, so you can safely make it into your home without feeling your way through the dark.

Garage door openers also include features that prevent doors from closing when objects are in their paths.  With the use of an electronic beam, the garage door opener senses when something or someone is in the way, causing a break in the beam, and reverses the direction of the door to go back up before it hits something or someone.

An automatic garage door opener is the key to maintaining the safety and security in our homes that we love to feel as our garage welcomes us back from our daily travels.

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