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Why DIY Garage Door Repair is a Bad Idea

Why DIY Garage Door Repair is a Bad Idea

Not only is tackling home maintenance and repair tasks a way to save money, but it is also fulfilling. However, that doesn’t mean everything that goes wrong should signal the chance to grab some tools and dig in. Garage door repair is one thing you should leave for the professionals. Here is why it is a bad idea to try to fix it yourself.

First, it can be challenging to find the right parts for garage door repair if you are not licensed in the industry. Parts are not generic in nature and using the wrong part can put you and your family in danger. You could also end up with a costlier garage door repair when the part you thought would work fails.

The next thing to recognize is that a malfunctioning door opener can be extremely unpredictable and could cause serious damage. Again, the chance for added costs can factor in, but you should also be concerned about the potential for injury.

If your garage door repair involves the door itself, consider that it is very heavy. This makes it impossible to handle by yourself. Furthermore, it takes experience, not just brawn, so even if you have some friends to help with the weight, it can be challenging to wrestle a garage door into place properly. The various components must work together perfectly or the whole system can fail.

Rather than run any of these risks, give us a call at Overhead Door Company of Charleston. As the original inventor of upward acting garage doors, we know everything about how they operate and how to provide you with safe and effective garage door repair. Whether you need a simple repair or are dealing with something more intense, such as severe storm damage, count on us to get your garage door in working condition again.

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