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Commercial Garage Door Maintenance: My Door Sticks– What Should I Do?

Commercial Garage Door MaintenanceAt Overhead Door Company of Charleston, we often get the question, “My commercial automatic door sticks– what should I do?”  Even the most advanced door systems run into issues from time to time and require commercial garage door maintenance.

There are several common problems that occur with automatic doors.  Automatic doors are commonly used numerous times during the work day and with daily use the door mechanisms’ can malfunction without warning.

The most common problem that requires commercial garage door maintenance often occurs with a faulty sensor.  Sensors are typically either motion or floor mat sensors.  They can be disrupted in various different ways.  These sensors can cause time delays in doors opening or giving a false sense of sticking while the door delays in opening.

If your door is run on tracks, your door may need a lubricant or cleaning.  Debris and dust often stick to your tracks, causing a bump in the tracks that will make your door stick.  Your door may be out of alignment due to dents or bumps or loose screws.  A simple adjustment can get your door back on track and running smoothly.

Another common issue that causes automatic doors to stick is an unhooked disconnect switch.  In the event that your power fails, automatic doors with a disconnect switch will allow you to open and close your door manually.  The disconnect switch can easily become unhooked or accidentally disconnected, causing your automatic door opener to run, but your door to stay where it is at.

If your commercial automatic door is sticking and you require commercial garage door maintenance, we have trained professionals at Overhead Door Company of Charleston who can diagnose and fix your problem and get your doors opening smoothly once again.

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