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How many times a day do you use your garage door?  How many times a month?  How many times a year?   Most people can’t even keep track of that number.  When you realize how much you rely on your garage door functioning properly, it is a very good idea to consider preventative maintenance programs for your garage door. Preventative maintenance programs help to ensure your garage door keeps working properly and safely.  Continue reading below to learn more about garage preventative maintenance programs.

good idea to consider preventative maintenance programs for your garage door

The main goal of a garage preventative maintenance program is to keep your garage door up and running, preventing any major equipment breaks and repairs.  If you have regularly scheduled preventative maintenance on your garage, it makes it much easier to keep on top of any problems which may be starting to form.  Hiring out garage preventative maintenance can also save you money in the long run as servicing your garage parts annually is less expensive than major repairs or equipment replacement every few years.  Another benefit of a preventative maintenance program is that you have a seasoned professional working on your garage, ensuring everything is working safely and properly.

A typical garage preventative maintenance includes:

  1. The garage technician will check the motor or your garage.
  2. The garage technician will inspect the condition of the door sections, followed by an inspection of the door alignment, concluding with an inspection of the garage door spring functionality.
  3. The garage technician will lubricate your garage door springs and take note of any problematic wear or damage.

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