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regular residential garage door maintenanceThere’s an old saying out there that if it isn’t broken you shouldn’t fix it. While we here at Overhead Door Company of Charleston agree that you shouldn’t replace something that is in good working order, we do believe that just because something isn’t broken doesn’t mean it should be neglected until it does break!  Among our variety of services here at Overhead Door Company of Charleston, we perform residential garage door maintenance. If you are on the fence about it, we would like to give you a few reasons to consider springing for residential garage door maintenance for your garage doors!

1.  Keeps emergencies at bay– When your garage door suddenly stops working, you can be stuck in your garage until you figure out how to open it manually. If there is something else wrong with your garage door, you might be stuck in your garage until you can get someone out to look at the issue. When you have regular residential garage door maintenance, you don’t have to worry as much about emergencies like these ones.

2.  Less expensive– Just like maintaining your car costs you less over time than only fixing the repairs, garage maintenance will help save you money over time since you won’t be fixing major problems, only minor issues.

3.  ConvenientGarage door maintenance can be done on your time frame. Rather than trying to squeeze your garage emergency into someone else’s schedule, you can have them come at a time that works for you.